The Andalusian Town Running On Twitter

Jun, a small Andalusian town founded by the Romans 2,200 years ago, is using Twitter to reduce bureaucracy, serve its citizens, and run a more efficient administration.

Mayor José Antonio Rodríguez Salas (@JoseantonioJun) has encouraged all Jun residents to get a Twitter account to communicate easily with the town government. That way they can report issues about public services and infrastructure, send suggestions, participate in the town decisions and “talk” to the mayor and council members directly.

Summer is Here, and Airbnb Is Hot In Europe

If you ask the hotel industry, they’ll tell you that Airbnb is a “crypto-hotel operator”, a big business using social-media and advanced technology to run a professional tourism operation, while helping “hosts” avoid taxes, insurance and other regulations.

Airbnb Listings in Barcelona (April 2015)
In Barcelona, for instance, an Airbnb host called “Pol” lists 13 properties in the Born area, a trendy neighborhood in the old city, with prices ranging from €95 to €185 a night. (Continued on Cities of the Future)

Sidewalk Labs Takes Over NYC Public Free WiFi

Just a couple of weeks after its launch, Sidewalk Labs has made its first investment and acquisition. Google’s new Smart Cities venture announced the purchase of Intersection, a company created by the merger of Control Group and Titan, the key members behind the LinkNYC project.......  Continue reading on Cities of the Future