Sorry Cell Carriers, Apple Pay Doesn't Need You

This week Apple announced the anticipated iPhone 6 series and the new Apple Watch. Despite the fact that most of the new features were leaked weeks ago, and Apple didn't manage to surprise anyone, the tech giant's big launch event still attracted the world's attention and huge media coverage.

But to me the most important, and revolutionary, part of the event was the launch of Apple Pay, the company's mobile payments platform.

The real disruption that Apple is bringing with Pay is the way the system is implemented: Apple left the carriers out of it. Read the rest at SaaS In The Enterprise...

My WiFi as a Service

Do you have an operator provided WiFi router at home for your internet connection? if so you may have become part of their WiFi Hotspot network, and provide offloading for cellular networks.

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IBM Patents Geographic Storage In The Cloud

A new patent allows IT to tag specific files and specify exactly where in the cloud that data will be stored.

The invention, Geographic Governance of Data Over Clouds, patent No. 8,676,593, allows data administrators to tag specific files and records and define geographic criteria for where those files should be stored.

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